Internet Safety
Internet Safety
At Whittier, we take the safety of the children you have entrusted to our care very seriously. We keep them under a watchful eye every moment they are on our campus. However it is a sad reality that there are instances when we think our children are perfectly safe in our homes when in fact they could be in danger while innocently playing on the computer.
Internet safety is a very important topic in today's world. We make every effort to advise our students of the importance of not sharing personal information over the internet. In order to help our Parent/Partners keep our students safe, we have added this page of links to internet safety resources. It is our sincere wish that you will take some time to look at the information offered on these sites and reinforce to your student the internet safety guidelines we are teaching at Whittier.


Thank you,
The Staff of Whittier Elementary, Teaching Online safety & civility

Internet Safety Center  Topics include social networking, anti-virus, cyber-bullying and parental control software

Internet Safety for Kids  Guide and directions for parents towards ensuring internet safety for kids and family