Kindness is Contagious
June 1, 2015

Kindness Catcher - 1st Day

Posted by Nelita Cash at 10/15/2010 3:00:00 AM
For today to be the first day for our Kindness Catcher, it went very well! There were several kindness notes in it after school, mostly from the 4th grade, but once it catches on, I think it will spread!
Here are the comments for today:
"Michael P. went out of his way to  make a new student feel welcome." from DB
"Stephanie E. stays and helps Mrs. Cash straighten her room almost every day." from CM
"Someone called my daughter to come to the school and get my cell phone when I left it there." BC
"Elsie T. let me get in line in front of her waiting to use the restroom." KC
"Abby shared with me from her lunch box." Anonymous
"Freedom B. is very helpful, always there for me and shared her hot fries with me." Anonymous
"Alexis P. was very courteous to other students in the restroom. " Anonymous
"Daniel A. helped me with my 4 wheeler." DS
"Kyron B is kind to Freedom every day." Anonymous
"Mrs. Miltier was very encouraging and kind to me when I was feeling down, as was my class." NC
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